A relaxing visit to our serene treatment room is the perfect way to cap off a day in the Napa Valley. Indulge in a Napa Valley spa experience above the vineyards with a massage, wrap, or facial, restoring peace to your body and mind. Our massage therapists specialize in a broad range of soothing treatments, which can be enjoyed in our treatment room, in your guest room, or on your private terrace.

Spa treatments are only available to guests of Poetry Inn and The Farmhouse at Poetry. Guests may schedule their perfect Napa Valley spa day by contacting one of our Innkeepers. Call (707) 944-0646 or email

Seasonal Spa Offerings

Romance Spa Specials

Passion Flower & Chamomile Body Scrub | 60 minutes $180 / 90 minutes $270 / 120 minutes $360

Soothe the senses with a full body exfoliation of milled walnut shell and apricot seeds, with a steamy hot compress removal. Fall into deep relaxation with an aromatic massage of calming almond oil, passion flower and chamomile.

Vanilla Infusion Massage | 60 minutes $180 / 90 minutes $270 / 120 minutes $360

Rekindle your romance, enjoy a side- by -side therapeutic massage infused with
nourishing jojoba, cocoa butter & vanilla oils.

Lover’s Duet | 90 minutes $270 / 120 minutes $360

Stimulate your skin with your partner, in the privacy of the couples’ spa shower, with an
invigorating coffee sugar scrub before your cinnamon & cocoa butter massage.
Complete this treat with a warming body wrap, includes a focused facial & scalp massage.

Exclusive Winter Indulgences (Dec-Mar)

Winterberry Body Crush | 90 minutes $270 / 120 minutes $360

Awaken your skin to give a radiant, hydrated, smooth appearance with our berry-infused exfoliator with pure grains of white cornmeal & poppy seeds to sweep away impurities. Refresh with a shower on the spa porch, and nourish with a moisturizing body butter massage infused with cranberry,  pomegranate & wild cherry extracts.

Immune Boost Immersion | 60 minutes $185 /90 minutes $275 / 120 minutes $365

Prevent and reduce the effects of cold season, including the accompanying muscular aches and pains. This therapeutic massage blend includes essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint with healing herbal extracts of echinacea, sage, and bearberry with steamed, warmed compresses.  Enjoy a Immune Salt Bath before or after your treatment in the privacy of your guest suite to enhance the benefits of this massage.

Mitts & Boots Warm Up | 90 minutes $270 / 120 minutes $360

Warm up with the aromatics of frankincense and spearmint during your full body massage. This experience includes a special hand and foot treatment with our warm Herbal Ease hand and foot mitts packed with cinnamon, cloves, and allspice for therapeutic relief of joint aches and pains while relaxing in your massage.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage | 60 minutes $180 / 90 minutes $270 / 120 minutes $360

A combination of techniques used by the therapist to provide a relaxing massage customized to your specific needs. Warm compresses and aromatherapy included.

Prenatal Massage | 60 minutes $180 / 90 minutes $270

A therapeutic massage for expecting mothers may be enjoyed in the comfort of our prenatal body cushions. Custom aromatherapy included.

Hot Stone Massage | 90 minutes $270/ 120 minutes $360

A warm, therapeutic massage using hot organic aromatic infused sunflower & jojoba oil with hot riverbed stones to melt the tension away, relaxing the body and mind.

Deep Tissue Massage | 60 minutes $180 / 90 minutes $270 / 120 minutes $360

Deep slow strokes for lengthening and creating more movement within the body structure, relieving specific areas of tension, includes an active application of our muscle cooling gel with arnica extract to calm muscles.

Therapeutic Sports Massage | 60 minutes $180 / 90 minutes $270 / 120 minutes $360

An invigorating massage incorporating specific stretch and massage techniques to rejuvenate the body with a balance aromatherapy blend specifically for active muscles and joints.  Perfect for relaxing tired muscles after a workout.

Finishing Touches

Organic Facial Massage | 30 minutes $90

Rejuvenate your skin with a restorative facial massage treatment, including a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and masque with a lymphatic massage to leave a balanced skin tone. This treatment features NV Organics’ Napa Valley Grapeseed Skin Care.

Rosemary Mint Back Facial | 30 minutes $90

A stimulating and cleansing back scrub with milled grape seeds, rosemary and mint essential oils. Finish with an upper body back, neck and shoulder massage with antioxidant grape seed body lotion.

Cabernet Mud Wrap | 45 minutes $100

Warm Cabernet Mud is brushed onto the body and absorbed while in a body wrap.  As the antioxidants infuse the skin, receive the benefits of a choice of our foot reflexology treatment, facial massage or scalp treatment.  This service includes a private shower rinse on the spa outdoor porch. Complete with a self applied body butter application, to seal the skin.

Sea Salt Foot Exfoliation & Massage | 30 minutes $90

A texture created from sea minerals and essential oils of eucalyptus and lavender cleanses and exfoliates.

Reflexology | 30 minutes $90

This ancient Chinese therapy is based upon the belief that pressure points located on the foot correlate with organs in the body.  Stimulations of these points can be effective in a general feeling of relaxation.