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A relaxing visit to our serene treatment room is the perfect way to cap off a day in the Napa Valley. Indulge in a Napa Valley spa experience above the vineyards with a massage, wrap, or facial, restoring peace to your body and mind. Our massage therapists specialize in a broad range of soothing treatments, which can be enjoyed on your private terrace.

Spa treatments are only available to guests of Poetry Inn and The Farmhouse at Poetry. Guests may schedule their perfect Napa Valley spa day by contacting one of our Innkeepers. Call (707) 944-0646 or email

Spa Offerings

Seasonal Fall Specials

Tension Tamer | 75 minutes $245 / 90 minute $290

Let your body and mind melt away with a stress relieving blend of aromatic oils of bergamot, clary sage and lavender.  This service includes a tension taming foot scrub and focused reflexology foot massage. 

Sticks & Stones | 90 minutes $290

Warm stones and herbal infused steamed linen compresses of cedarwood and ginger will bring a sense of calm and meditation to the mind, providing a tonic to your muscles with anti-inflammatory joint relief during this massage.

Wine Country Detox | 75 minutes $245 /90 minutes $290

Reset with an aromatic massage with oils of fennel, juniper and cypress to encourage detoxification. This service concludes with a stimulating headache relief scalp massage.

Massage Therapy

CBD Muscle Soother | 60 minutes $200 / 90 minutes $290

Alleviate muscle tension and stress with our organic CBD massage blend with arnica and birch. CBD is anti-inflammatory and an analgesic pain reliever. It can enhance circulation and promote cell regeneration. It’s been shown to alleviate stress, calm anxiety and alter mood.

Therapeutic Massage | 60 minutes $200 / 90 minutes $290

A combination of techniques used by the therapist to provide a relaxing massage customized to your specific needs. Warm compresses and aromatherapy included.

Reflexology | 60 minutes $200

This ancient Chinese therapy is based upon the belief that pressure points located on the foot correlate with organs in the body.  Stimulations of these points can be effective in a general feeling of relaxation.

Prenatal Massage | 60 minutes $200 / 90 minutes $290

A therapeutic massage for expecting mothers may be enjoyed in the comfort of our prenatal body cushions. Custom aromatherapy included.

Deep Tissue Massage | 60 minutes $200 / 90 minutes $290

Deep slow strokes for lengthening and creating more movement within the body structure, relieving specific areas of tension, includes an active application of our muscle- cooling gel with arnica extract to calm muscles.

Therapeutic Sports Massage | 60 minutes $200 / 90 minutes $290

An invigorating massage incorporating specific stretch and massage techniques to rejuvenate the body with a balance aromatherapy blend specifically for active muscles and joints.  Perfect for relaxing tired muscles after a workout.