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Stanley Casselman

April 1 2013 – April 30 2014

"The focus of this exhibition will be on Casselman’s new body of work: Inhaling Richter, as indicated by the IR within the title of each painting. This body of work was inspired by a recent tongue-and-cheek challenge by American art critic Jerry Saltz of New York Magazine. After a work by the famous German painter Gerhard Richter sold at auction for an astounding $34.2 million dollars, Saltz challenged artists to produce a perfect Richterian style painting. Casselman met the challenge. The result is an inspired collection of Casselman originals that contain Richterian elements, yet maintain an aesthetic that is purely Casselman." - Scott White, Scott White Contemporary Art

the artist

Stanley Casselman

Casselman was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1963 and at a young age held a fascination with understanding truth and existence. Casselman earned his Bachelor of Arts from Pitzer College in Claremont, California in 1985 and has since been featured in numerous solo and group gallery exhibitions and shows, including Art 57 in Vienna, Austria, Opera Gallery in New York and at the Light Art Biennial in Linz, Austria.

Permanent Collection

"Twin 6' Hearts"
Jim Dine

"Grace Kelly"
Tony Scherman

"Asaf & Yo'ah"
Boaz Vaadia